3M High Clarity Privacy Filter for Microsoft Surface Book 2 - 15" Laptop (HCNMS004)

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3M High Clarity Privacy Filters offer the highest clarity for privacy filters among leading competitors available today. Enjoy incredibly crisp, glossy image clarity and beautiful high-contrast, high-resolution image quality. Touch-compatible and custom-cut, the filter provides world-class privacy while maintaining the glossy clarity of your screen, creating a high-resolution viewing experience.

Nearly 20% more clarity than standard 3M Black Privacy Filters
Gives screens an added layer of durable protection from dust and scratches
Effective "black out" privacy from side views outside the 60-degree viewing angle
Provides excellent privacy while maintaining the glossy clarity of your screen
Reduces 35% of blue light transmission from the display
Provides touch compatibility on some devices
Designed with advanced microlouver technology, creating an excellent high-resolution viewing experience
Glossy finish on both sides for enhanced clarity
Custom-cut for your device
Easy to attach, remove and clean

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