J5create JDC159 4K Mini DisplayPort (MDP) to HDMI 1.8m Cable

Sale price$35.07


The JDC159 allows you to quickly and easily connect your DisplayPort supported Mac or PC to a 4K HDTV or other display device using an HDMI input. Simply connect the DisplayPort end of the connector to your computer and HDMI display. Avoid the hassle of converters that require additional cabling and power adapters, by using this plug-and-play 6 ft / 1.8 m cable. The JDC159 seamlessly converts the DisplayPort video signal into an HDMI signal for a fast plug-and-play setup. Fully DisplayPort 1.2 compliant, also compatible with DisplayPort 1.1.

DisplayPort 1.2 compliant
HDMI 1.4b compliant
Supports up to 4K x 2k @ 30Hz & 3D video formats over HDMI
DP++ Dual-Mode DisplayPort cable
Supports audio
Cable length 6ft / 1.8m

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