Netcomm CloudMesh Bundle - 1 x NF18MESH Gateway and 1 x NS-01 Satellite

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The NF18MESH is a CloudMesh Gateway that will work wirelessly with the NS-01 CloudMesh Satellite, forming a single powerful Whole Home WiFi Mesh network with all the control and settings centralized on the Gateway. The Gateway becomes the WiFi Mesh master node with the WiFi client device roaming seamlessly between satellites and the gateway. (*CloudMesh WiFi Link firmware update is required on NF18ACV and NL1901ACV)

Mesh Enabled for seamless connection to CloudMesh Satellites
Automated WiFi issue resolution with WiFi Auto Pilot
Gigabit connection to NBN and UFB fibre networks
Support for VDSL2/ ADSL2+ and Voice
WiFi visibility and assurance with WiFi Analytics Platform

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